Mechanical Engineer

Duties & Responsibilities


  • Oversees Building & Facilities Management.
  • Collaborates with project managers and other engineers.
  • Communicates with sub-contractors, ensuring the quality of job and designs execution.
  • Supervise the building construction.
  • Ensures cost effectiveness in building construction and hospital facilities budget and bidding process.
  • Designs systems and components that meet needs and requirements
  • Identify, formulate and produce effective solutions to emerging problems
  • Ensures the compliance in all government mandated requirements and permits
  • Oversees the preventive maintenance and maintenance of facilities and equipment.



  • Licensed Mechanical Engineer.
  • With minimum 5 years of experience in Engineering (Building & Facilities, Waste Management and Project Management).
  • Excellent decision making skills.
  • Ability to write clear and comprehensive technical documentation and recommendation.
  • Highly analytical mind, with exceptional problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • With good inter-personal relation and leadership skills.