For your convenience, here are the steps in Accomplishing Philhealth Requirements. Please submit the following:

1. Duly accomplished CSF (Claim Signature Form). You may download a copy by clicking here CSF Form.
2. Generated Philhealth Benefit Eligibility Form (PBEF) upon submission of CSF, MVMC Philhealth Office/Staff can verify eligibility of member/patient.
3. If the PBEF indicated YES – no need of No. 5, only NOs. 1 and 2. If the PBEF indicated NO-accomplished the needed requirements indicated in the PBEF.
4. Certificate of Contributions or Receipt of Premium Payment at least a total of 9 months from confinement backwards. Properly accomplished Philheath Membership Registration Form (PMRF) for the undeclared dependents. ). 
5. NOTE: Please proceed to Philheath Section to check the duly accomplished, signed and duly supported Philhealth Forms according to your membership category prior to discharge from the Medical Center. (For Outpatient, prior to procedure/operation)
6.Once the above mentioned documents are accomplished, signed and duly supported, proceed to Philheath Section and submit the requirements to Philhealth Staff of the Medical Center prior discharge or prior scheduled out patient procedure.

Our Philhealth Office is open from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Sunday. You may ask for help in accomplishing your Philhealth Requirements from any of our Philhealth Staff or call 682-22-22 Loc 106 and 180.