Reminders for Patients and Guests


• Visiting hours are: Morning 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM | Evening 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
• We are now allowing a maximum of two (2) visitors at a time in non-Covid in-patient floors and ICU during visiting hours. Only fully-vaccinated visitors are allowed.
• Please present your vaccination card to the guard at the lobby entrance to secure your Visitor’s Pass.
• Visitors must wear surgical masks at all times.
• For their protection, please do not bring young children inside the hospital. We treat patients with various conditions, some of which may be contagious and can be picked up by them.


• Only electronic devices such as laptops, cellphones and tablets are allowed inside the patient rooms.
• Please secure your valuables. Management will not be responsible for their loss or damage while used inside the hospital premises. 


• Each patient is provided one (1) pillow by the Nurse-on-Duty. This pillow can be brought home upon discharge but the pillow case. bed linen and patient’s gown should be left in the room. 
• Please familiarize yourself with the Exit Plan in case of emergency. This is usually posted at the door. 
• We value your feedback. Please fill up the Patient Survey Form and leave them at the box located at the Nurses’ Station before you leave.
• Patients are kindly reminded to vacate their rooms within 30 minutes of securing their discharge slips. The room has to be cleaned and prepared for the next patient requiring admission. An extended staycharge of P500/hour will be applied beyond the 30 minute grace period. 

What is Data Privacy Act of 2012?

is the first law in the Philippines which acknowledges the rights of individuals over their Personal Data and enforcing the responsibilities of entities who process them.

Ways in protecting your personal medical information


1. Provide insurance identification only to those who offer medical services, and don’t let anyone borrow your insurance identification or HMO Card.

2. Beware of ‘‘FREE’’ Medical Services (POSSIBLE SCAM).
- A common fraud scheme has sales people offering medical services/equipment for free, but in exchange for an insurance or HMO Information.

3. Keep Accurate Medical Records.
- As a patient, you should keep track of your medical records. Don’t allow anyone to get your medical documents.

4. Review Your Medical Bills.
- Make sure to ask for your bill at the time of your visit, and then check your bill to make sure it compares to the HMO’s Description of your benefits. This ensures you aren’t charged for the services you didn’t received or were charged for the same services twice.

5. Destroy Medical Records Before Throwing Them in The Trash - Shred or rip up any medical documents to stop information from getting into the wrong hands or having your identity stolen.

6. Report Possible Fraud - If you feel unsecured and unease, HMO Providers have direct contact lines that caters assistance.

Call immediately


1. Susceptible to Identity Theft - Do not use rubber stamp with you PRC License numbers on uncontrolled or public document(s).

2. Do not proactively give your personal information to any other people. Know the purpose and the objective of the gathering.

3. Fraudsters are phishing for your personal info - Do not proactively sign up for any advertisement or promotions.

4. Be vigilant, trust your instinct - If you feel unease and uncomfortable in giving your personal information, object to it.

Know your rights as data subjects.

1. The right to be informed.
2. The right to access.
3. The right to object.
4. The right to erasure or blocking.
5. The right to rectify.
6. The right to data portability.
7. The right to file a complaint.
8. The right to damages.

We wish you a speedy recovery and good health.