Supply Chain Supervisor

Duties & Responsibilities


  • Establishes and executes cycle count schedule in compliance with the corporate accounting objectives.
  • Coordinates and oversees the daily cycle counts of the various inventory assets.
  • Investigates, identifies and reconciles the cycle count discrepancies, i.e., shortages as well as overages.
  • Audits the process along with paper flow errors and try to spot the inconsistencies that affect the accuracy of the inventories.
  • Oversees the inventory areas by organizing and maintaining efficient material handling and storage.
  • Maintains the cycle count records so that it can be reviewed by the management and also provide the reports related to cycle count activity.
  • Maintains the policies and procedures related to inventory control.
  • Supervises and coordinates the appropriate processing of various purchase requisitions, receiving reports, purchase orders, inventory requisitions, etc.
  • Take periodic physical inventories and ensure that the investment in inventory is maintained at optimum levels.
  • Communicates with vendors about the merchandise and its concerned inquiries.
  • Prepares reports of inventory balance and use computer applications and database management to perform the assigned work effectively.
  • Authorizes all adjustments made to the inventory and investigate the inventory issues like quality control complaints, customer complaints regarding products, etc.
  • Tracks the variances in the inventory, so as to facilitate better planning as well as interpret variances and correct the problems that have come up.
  • Validates the merchandise that has been received to the package and description details from the original order.
  • Accurately input data related to product description in the inventory system as well as maintain accurate merchandising information and inventory turn performance.
  • Works with various departments and maintain flexible attitude supporting all the work that helps in achieving organizational goals.
  • Accountable for maintaining high levels of customer service, be it internal or external.
  • Ensures that all the employees work towards achieving the objectives related to inventory control management and make suggestions for improvement to the management.



  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/ Logistic Management/ Accountancy or equivalent.
  • With good problem solving skills
  • Preferably with experience in hospital inventory management.
  • Attention to details, willingness to improve, learn and adapt in accordance with the modern practice methods are some of the other required skills.